Aug 20 2010

Fuses to Breakers – safer, cheaper

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Converting old Fuse Boxes into clean, safe, cheaper circuit breakers

If your home is older than 15 years, you may have fuses in your house or apartment building. This means that in the event of a short circuit or someone plugged too many devices into outlets on the same circuit, a little piece of metal inside the fuse burns up and (hopefully) protects your building from having a fire. The only way to get your power back on is to buy a new glass fuse and screw it into the fuse box. Fuse boxes were also usually limited in the number of circuits they could support, often leaving no room for expansion or electrical changes.

What’s the alternative? An electrician can install a modern, safer, re-settable circuit breaker panel. Circuit breaker panels offer the ability to spread your loads out over more circuits, have room for expansion, install specialty type breakers that have circuitry inside them to protect your home or building from ground faults that can cause shocks and even arcs that can lead to destructive fire.

How must will it cost? This depends on several factors, including the age and size of the existing feed wires, the number of circuits, and the changes that may have to be made to bring your system up to a safe, code compliant level. Wattage Electric has charged as little as $500 for upgrading a fuse box to a circuit breaker system, however typically, the cost is between $800 to $2,500.

Is it really worth it? Do I need to upgrade my electrical system in my home? This comes down to if you want an added level of convenience and safety associated with circuit breakers over their older counterpart, the fuse. Upgrading your electrical system definitely will bring added value to your home and be a valuable investment in your property. It also allows for adding in additional circuits at a future time and being able to meet other new building code requirements that you may not have the capacity in your existing fuse box to meet, such as adding in the required number of outlets in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Call Wattage Electric today, and have one of our licensed electricians give you a free safety evaluation and upgrade estimate. We are here to work with you.

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