Sep 01 2010

One Circuit Breaker, 2 Wires

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Code Violation - circuit breakers with 2 wires per screw

Code Violation: per NEC code, every circuit breaker can only have one wire per terminal screw.

If you have any circuit breakers with more than one wire under each terminal screw, you have a code violation. The NEC (National Electric Code) allows for only one wire per screw. The NEC Code is a subset of the National Fire Prevention Code, a set of guidelines to minimize fire hazards. If you have wires that look like this, you may have a hazardous situation lurking in your breaker box.

As a Scranton electrician, we run across this type of situation on a regular basis. The solution can be very inexpensive and quick (taking under an hour), if there are no additional problems present and the wiring was done well.

If you have one or more circuit breakers with more than one wire going to them, the simple solution is to call Wattage Electric and we will give you options to correct the code violation. Many times, the solution can be as simple as adding in an additional terminal and a wire nut, however every installation is different, and seeing it is the only accurate way we can give you possible solutions.

The simplest solution, assuming that the wires are of the proper rating and the installation has no other problems, would be to use an approved connector and turn the two wires into one wire, that would then go to the screw on the breaker. Sometimes, however, there are additional factors to consider. Other possible solutions would include adding in an additional circuit breaker. If, however, there are no additional spaces available in your breaker box, adding either a sub panel (mini breaker box that is tied to your main breaker box), or replacing your current breaker box for a larger unit can be required.

If you live in the Scranton, Wilkes-barre, Pittston or surrounding area, call your Wattage Electric, your Scranton electrician at (570) 309-3600.

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