Aug 25 2010

Hiring a Scranton Electrician

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Hiring a Scranton Electrician

Scranton / Wilkes-Barre Electrician at work.

The electrical system of your home is an important and complicated system that should only be repaired and modified by licensed, experienced professionals. While it can provide many conveniences and comforts, it has the ability to be hazardous and extremely dangerous if work is done improperly. Here are some tips when choosing a professional electrician to safely alter your electrical system.

  • Make sure that your electrician is licensed in your city. Besides having a state issued “HIC” or Home Improvement Contractor license, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, and other cities require specific licenses to work legally. Some unethical people try to perform electric work under another company’s license. This is illegal in most cities.
  • Is your electrician insured? Pennsylvania law requires that all electricians are insured.
  • Is there a charge for estimates? Wattage Electric, for instance, does not charge for estimates on electric work being considered.
  • What version of electric code is being complied with? Over the years, there have been several revisions of the NEC or National Electric Code. Make sure your electrician will be complying with the current version of the code (currently 2008 NEC).
  • Define exactly what additions, changes, or repairs are to be performed, and make sure they are in writing. This ensures that both the electrician and you understand exactly what will be done.
  • Ask about adding additional outlets, devices, and even hard wired Ethernet jacks and telephone jacks before major changes are started. Often, they can be added in the same area the work is to be performed at little additional cost while work is being performed.
  • Finally, for everyone’s protection, sign a contract. This ensures that your work will get done at the price that was agreed upon.

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